Ivy is a funny odd little cat, she is half the size of her brother but twice as feisty. She doesn't like to be held but will sit or lie next to you for reassurance. She will be "in your face" when she wants fed or played with. Hide if someone knocks on the door and stay there till there gone.

She will not tolerate her brother near her unless of course she wants he head licked. Then she pushes right into him.

She used to cosy up to my oldest cat, but he has now gone. It was a strange relationship he would bully her and chase her round the house and still they would cuddle up on the sofa. She misses him so.

We gave her her name when I fostered Ivy and her brother. Because they where feral when they where bought to the house they had to be kept in a cage and separated from my other feline friends just in case they had something catching. Every time I went to feed or handle them I would find Ivy hanging upside down on the top of the cage. "Your like climbing ivy" I used to say and the name just seemed to suit her so it stayed. So did she, Ivy and her brother became so much part of our home we couldn't let them go.

Warning to all who foster animals be careful they don't steal your heart. ; )
KatyC KatyC
Apr 21, 2012