An Older Gentleman

My cat is a ginger tom called Picasso. He's already 17 years old but I hope he will be around for a couple of more years, since he's really important and dear to me. He's suffering from hyperthyroidism, so he needs to get his medicine twice a day - fortunately the meds can be hidden in his food, otherwise I would be in trouble. I bet every cat owner knows how difficult it is to get a cat to swallow a pill.

Picasso has two favorite places to sleep in - an old cardboard box and the sink.


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I had a Tom Cat that Velvet that lived 10 years. He shared my place with a grand old dame named Asreale who was the most sweet, loving cat I have known and she died when she was 23.

Sadly, Picasso went to kitty heaven a month ago. It feels a bit empty at home now, but I'm happy I got to enjoy his company for such a long long time - he became 20 years old.

I know all too well how hard it is to medicate a cat. My older guy has a heart problem and my younger guy is diabetic. I wish you many more years with your friend.

awww he's cute :D I love older cats, they always seem to be better tempered.

He's speical, I know , I have one the same age. Ehen I think of him leaving me it brings me to tears. I pray with him & I know We will meet in Heaven!

Such a lovely story about your Picasso ! I have a male cat 17 years old who is recovering from a stroke. He was on steroid tablets for a few months and is walking/'jumping'/climbing again but has lost a lot of weight. I will need to take him back to the vet for further tests.<br />
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Your Picasso certainly looks like he's in a good home, I hope you two share many more healthy years together

i'm sorry to say but sleeping kitty would simply be removed from sink in order to brush my teeth better yet close the door and end of problem

What a great picture! My kitten of similar colour used to lie or sleep in the bathroom sink and she liked drinking from the tap, generally she liked water. Aren't they funny, they all have their own personalities. I do hope your cat fares well, it is so worrying when a pet is sick. Lots of love from an owner of 4 cats, one with a hole in the heart

I'm happy to inform that Picasso is still with us, his renal problems doesn't seem to have got worse yet. Now he's 18,5 years old - an old man who nowadays prefers a warm spot instead of the cool sink.

thats so cute and lovely<br />
I have a 12 year old

Aw, he's very special! Love him - he's beautiful. I have 3 cats and a very bad kitten that I rescued recently. The kitten and my oldest cat are orange - the orange ones seems to be very smart and have loads of personality. Don't you agree?

I hope this entry finds all of your kitties in good health. I write this to tell you they have a product sold in Petsmart stores and it is made by a company called "Greenies". They are pill pockets and are actual hollowed out cat treats made for putting pills in. I also use chicken or pork loin to hide pills in, that works fairly well. Also baby food like Gerber ham, lamb and chicken for when they are sick. Easy to mix Amoxicillin in there and they lap it right up. Good luck and good health to them all, amen p.s. make sure if you are going to use baby food that it doesnt contain any onion. Read the label first. Bye again

@ infowoman: Picasso started to loose weight, so I took him to the vet. The vet diagnosed hyperthyroidism from a blood sample. <br />
He's been on that medication for years now, and all has been well. But now he also has renal insuffiency which can't be treated. I don't know which of his nine lives he's using at the moment but the guy is still going strong... but I know that it can turn worse at any moment.

How did your Vet know about the thyroid problem? My cat is really old and we are trying to figure out why she has gone downhill this month?

How did your Vet know about the thyroid problem? My cat is really old and we are trying to figure out why she has gone downhill this month?

i hope you cat will live along time i have a cat that is 5 or 4 years and a dog good luck :)

I have one that will be 17 this year and is still going strong. He has lost muscle mass, but he's still his persnickety self!!<br />
I also have one that is 26 lbs and loves the sink also!! <br />
Good wishes that Picasso stays with you for a long while yet!!

my Grouchy is 19 so if hes lucky yes he will,

I have a big fat cat named stinky who weighs fourteen pounds and he's thirteen years old. I've known him for my entire life, because I'm fourteen. I hope he lives to be an old, old fellow. I just lost two kittens recently and it broke my heart.<br />
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I've heard of cats living to be twenty five. I knew a cat at the age of ninteen, but his owner died and wanted his cat, penguin, put to sleep. they even put a paw print on the grave stone. He was a MEANN cat and wouldn't have a home any more.

Lovely kitty! Gracious, what we do for our pets, because they do SO much for us!<br />
I had cat on thyroid pill who lived for 22 years! She was an indoor/outdoor cat too so she really beat the odds.<br />
Hopefully Picasso will live many more years.

I love cats so much. Those angry glances- I can just see it! They always forgive us.

Once I was mean and turned on the water faucet - of course the poor thing didn't like that at all. He was giving me angry glances the whole afternoon. =)<br />
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Having a cat that occupies the sink may be a bit inconvenient, and I occasionally have to brush my teeth in the kitchen instead.

He's lovely. Does he get wet?