Poorly Pussycat

So, this story will sound ridiculous to anyone who doesn't love their cat...and I mean REALLY love their cat. Moodles is 15, I have known her almost my entire life. We see each other a couple of times a week (I live abroad at the moment but my mom is more than happy to hold her up to the webcam and wave her little paw!) and when I am home, she is treated like a baby and a princess. She is quite content to sit in the crook of my arm and be carried round the house and each night, she curls up at the bottom of my bed. However, Moodles has not been well for a while now...she is an old lady after all! She has to have medicated food, which I am so grateful that my parents are willing to pay for (it is ridiculously expensive!), frequent trips to the vets and has recently started losing control and going to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere (which is upsetting because she has NEVER had this issue before). So, yesterday, I received the call that no cat lover ever wants to hear: Moodles isn't doing too well and, well, you can guess the rest....Mom wants to make sure I'm prepared that the next visit to the vets might be the last. Thankfully I received a text this morning that said she was doing much better and asked for her breakfast, which she hadn't done for a few days, but Mom isn't keeping her hopes up and is asking me to do the same. I just don't know what to do :( In my head it sounds so stupid that I am getting so worked up about my feline friend, but in my heart, I love this kitty! I hate the thought that I am away from home and might never get to say goodbye to my furry hot water bottle :(
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I know how you feel, I am separated from my cat and dog and they are starting to get closer to "that" age. Especially the dog (German Shep. mix) since she had a stroke when she wasn't even that old. I was away at the time, but my parents took great care of her. She couldn't move at all and they spent a load of time and money getting her treatment and special rehabilitation therapy. Now she only drags one hind paw a little bit sometimes. But she and the cat are at least over 10 years old now. I seriously doubt I will be able to see them again. :(

I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it home and Moodles is actually doing ok at the moment...currently curled up on a cushion in front of a dying fire and loving it :) thank you all for your lovely and kind messages

yes, not silly at all clutterfly ... I hope you get to spend time with Moodles soon. I love my animals too and understand completely how you feel.

The little guys and girls have a way of becoming an important part of your life. I can well understand the pain. I'm sorry.

Thank you all for your lovely comments :) Moodles is still with us and is apparently much happier at the moment. Hopefully she will stay like this for at least a couple more weeks so I can see her when I'm next home. Hope you all and your cats are doing ok :)

Im an absolute cat lover! ive had my baby for 12 years! i was 6 when i adopted her at a shelter, so if you love your cat as much as i do , BE PROUD! i dont know how i would handle the loss of my kitty or even the thought! but i can tell you cats know who you are, animals can sense fear, so im sure they can sense love, she loves you even if you wont be able to say goodbye :(

Its got to so hard for you not being there with Moodles. You have given her a wonderful life which tells lots of good things about you. <br />
<br />
God bless

I hope you see Moodles again.

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty, it has literally broken my heart to lose my furry friends in the past and the cat I have now, Terry is the light of my life, I don't know how I would survive without him. I hope you get to see Moodles and have a chance to say goodbye.

This story reminds me of my first cat. I guess I was lucky, because I got to say goodbye. I went to the vet with her and was allowed to hold her while the vet gave her the injection. At the same time.... Well, let's say my mom offered to drive me home and pay any parking tickets I might incur by leaving my car in the lot over night. At the end of the day as long as you make what time you have count that is all that matters. I am taking care of an older kitty myself. So I know what you are going through. I am not looking forward to the day I might have to do that again.

Don't feel silly, your story shows just how much you love your cat. It is never easy losing a beloved pet, and especially when you are not there to say goodbye, but remember this....your lovely cat Moodles will know how much you love her, and you will always have your happy memories of her. Take care x