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Come Home Sam !

My wife and I got a cat from the rescue society and fell in love with him. He is part Siamese with the black and white markings and blue eyes. He's a real "talker" too. He was picked up by the animal control people as a stray, so I guess he was used to living on his own in the outside world. He gets along great with our dog who is a 47 pound female Chow/Golden mix who's 10 years old. Both pets would join my wife and I on the pourch on these nice spring days and our cat, Sam, would chase lizards in the bushes. We've had Sam for a year so we know he knows where his bed and food comes from. He'd usually wander off and survey the surrounding grounds but would always return when called. That is, until Friday. He's not returned home since then and we are very upset and worried. He's been neutered so we tink he wanderd off and got lost, not out seeking a one night stand. He has a collar and tag with his name and our phone number on it but no one has called yet. I keep thinking of him and how much he made my life more interesting. And my wife is on the verge of a breakdown. Needless to say, we've become very attached to Sam. We posted "flyers" all around the neighborhood with his picture and our phone number. A friend of mine suggested that I put his litter box outside of our house as he would be able to detect the familiar smell of it from a long distance off, so I did that this morning. If anyone has any other ideas of how to help him find his way home, I would appreciate your sharing them by commenting here. Thanks !
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How long has he been gone? Cats do that, the little buggers. THey come home! I had an indoor cat who ran off in the woods at my parents house, only to return 4 days later, with ticks all over his eyes! I was worried sick, feared the worst. Another time, he was outside and wouldnt come to my calling, but eventually he did, days later, emerge from a bush next to the house. For some reason, cats like to be outside despite our panicking/. Youre doing all that you can do, keep calling his name, shake bags of food or treats, etc. Keep a water bowl on your porch, maybe a blanket or towel for him to make a bed at night. Hoping for the best!

Sam came home a couple days later, after worrying us to near death. He slept all day and seemed really glad to be back home. But, he still cries to go outside but, the wife, who almost had a breakdown when he didn't come home, says " He's an inside cat from now on". Thanks for your post !

glad you found him, love happy endings!

Being a cat lover, this breaks my heart :( ive had my kitty for 12 years, and when i first got her she ran away, for a couple of days, its happened alot until recently shes no longer allowed outside. But she has always came back. Cats have a good way to take care of theirselves though so im sure your kitty will be okay. The only thing you can do is wait.. but never forget there are so many amazing kittys out there waiting to be loved so never give up hope. Btw my cat loves to have conversations with me :)

Read the rest of this post for the outcome,which turned out good. My cat Sam,is a rescue Siamese mix with blue eyes who "talks" to me all the time. We got him as a companion to our rescue dog BG. BG so loved our neighbors cats that we got Sam for her, mostly. They get along great. Thanks for your response.

You may want to take a look at the following web page that offers 19 tips on finding a missing cat:

Thanks ! A friend suggested I put his litter box outside because he would be able to identify which direction to head to reach home. I put it out last night 4/29/12 and he showed up this morning. Don't know if he'd of made it anway but, no telling. Except for eating once in a while, he's sleeping all day. It must have been a harrowing experience for him. I know it was for us.

Glad to hear that he found his way back.

I did go to the site you recommended but couldn't find anything on how to find a lost cat. However, they invited me to write my experience and I mentioned that I put the cat's litter box outside and he came home the next morning. I wound up joining and later took a "tour" of the site. With the new knowlege aquired from the tour, I found the list of things to do to find a lost cat, and then found that the list included putting out the cat's litter box(uncleaned). Sam is back to normal today (5/1/12 and we now are a comlete family again. Thanks for your responce to my querry.