Quit Humpin The Furniture!!!!

Lost my eva luvin mind
got a kitten of the ornery kind
She's now 9 months old
And low and behold
Has just went into heat
I could handle her feisty
I could handle her mean
But now she's just horny
like some pubescent teen!
Howling thru the night 
And yes, I use the water gun alright?!
I know it's not her fault
My furnitures now her victim of sexual assault
can't handle this no mo!
Off to the vet we go
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
8 Responses May 2, 2012


This was funny!

ROFL at this poem! :D Reminds me of the fact that I didn't get my Cinderella to the vet in time! No furniture humpin, but now I gotta find 5 good homes for kitties! :O

thanx e'ryone.. glad to give all a lil giggle ;-)

LOL..Male cats are just as bad and getting my Beast fixed did not shut him up. He seems to have found his voice entertaining, and still wails to watch me run!

This cracked me up..but good. Funny as the poem is, it's good kitty's getting her horny lil butt nipped and snipped!! She'll be wayy happier and so will you! :)

Kitty needs....a little ffitty? lol Good story.

kitty.. denied! lol glad ju likey

She will remember the good old days....looking longingly at your sofa....

haven't taken her yet.. but soon vewwy vewwy soon! lolz