Reading These Sad Stories Makes Me So Sad :( So Heres A Nice Story Of My Kitty.

well where do i start. I was 6 years old when i came to the u.s. My dad is in the military. Well one day we were at petsmart and i ran into the kitty area where you could adopt them. I happen to remember seeing alot of kittys, fat ones, fluffy ones.. but there was this one kitten that kept on meowing and putting her paw out of the cage. Me being little i kept seeing tht she wanted me! lol so i begged my mom and dad to get her for me. So they did, we were standing in line and i remember seeing her twin sister that looked just like her (all white with blue eyes). I remember that we had asked the guy about the kitten , her sister had just been adopted so its probably why she was crying lol, but they didnt pick my kitty because her paws were full of kitty poop. I didnt care i chose her and took her home and washed her. I still have flashbacks looking down holding my kitty in the car with my big purpple jacket since it was winter time.

The years went on, when i cried like a little baby she would start meowing histeraclly. she still does this, if i lay in bed and cry she will come and lay down on me, if im breathing too hard she will slap me with her paw... lol she trys to calm me down. shes the most amazing kitty, shes my bestfriend. a sweetheart, my angel and for anybody whose ever given hope please dont. cats are amazing animals if you give them love and a bit of attention. they will become your buddies for life. till this day she is still alive and laying right next to me healthier then ever!
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They are hardly the aloof creatures they are portrayed as if they get to know someone. I hope you and your cat have many more years together.

thank you so much :)! and yess i hope she gets to see me grow all the way up!

aww. that's such a sweet story, i love it!

Aww thank you so much! & very true, many people dont realize how amazing cats are.