When Bogart Came To Stay

Bogart was a scrawny one-eyed stray who some how found himself on my door step. Dispite the barking dogs inside, he planted his skinny butt on the porch and just sat there. I brought him in and fed him and named him Bogart. He has been here for seven years now and has since adopted himself a young friend who followed him in from the garden. We named him Frank  and they are buddies now. Two cats are better than one.
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Great story. My guys don't seem to take well to visitors, I wish they would, there are a couple of guys around here who come by when its cold, I leave the garage open and a little food and water. My vet cautions against it, my own cats don't want them around, so I guess I am wondering what the heck I am doing. been thinking of getting a live trap to take them to the vet and make sure they are ok, no worms, fleas and stuff. So far I haven't done this, the little gray guy came in one day and the Mike and Gar let him in after he did whatever he did to appease them, got to the food dishes, and Annie came screaming out of nowhere made a 3 legged slide and let out a screech that scared me and I jumped, he ran out like a shot with that little 3 legged monster right on his tail. Anyhow the little guy ran out and hasn't tried to come in again. I am glad your two are buddies, I bet they were before and Bogart said to heck with it I have to try, it worked out so he went and told his friend. Over the years I have seen cats do this. Also, I have seen them tell stories to each other, that is an odd one to see. it is more like a pantomime of whatever they are saying. The others will sit around in a circle and watch. It is the craziest thing you have ever seen.

Excellent name, and adorable story.

You are a busy person! That is an excellent way to get a well trained dog. It saves a dog and it probably saves someone's soul at the same time.

<p>I have 5, cats that is, still want a dog and I will have one. What my plan is, the prison system here lets prisoners train dogs for adoption, they are sold, some of the money goes to the prison, some to the prisoner to pay obligations. My plan is to get two, who are buddies, and can deal with cats. Now that I have gotten to a point in my life I have the time for a dog, and the space, I can't wait to start my search. I want dogs who can help me with comunicating with my 35 partners on the ranch, they moo.</p>


Yes, two cats are certainly better than one--and not much more expensive, either. And it's always nice to have someone of your own species to hang out with! =^*^=