I Hate My Mother Like I Hate Snakes.

My mother always shouts at me even i did the littlest things. She is always bitching about my dad don't have a job (he has one now) or about how stupid he is. I want to stick up to her but i'm too much of a coward to do so. i It's bad enough i'm the odd one in the family and tried to get their approval. I f she was my age and her mama shout at her she'll stop. But i wish my mom just stop and think how i feel not what i do.
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sorry to hear you don't get along with your mom. Try to set aside your differences of a few moments and wish her a Happy mothers day today.<br />
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All parents have differing styles. I never yell. But I'd imagine when I talk in a calm voice is can be just as stinging if not more so...it works for me and I ALWAYS get my point across. On the flip side I'm quick (or try to be) with praise and I do pile it on.<br />
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Anyway, try to imagine she is doing the best she can or knows how to. All moms are difference, just as each child is different.<br />
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(and "hate" is such a strong and ugly word, I hope you really don't. perhaps you just don't understand one another...that's far different) <br />
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of course this whole thing could very well be presumptuous of me, maybe you really love snakes :) they really aren't slimy or gross once you get to know and play with them, they are actually kinda neat