Yes, Yes I Do

I used to have two cats, one old girl cat named "lil one" and a younger boy cat named "twix". Lil'one died i think a couple years ago but at the age of 98 in human years, i know very old because it was my grandmas awhile back. Now i have a tiger dna kitty twixxy whos only at the age of 3 in cat years. Apparently my dads "alergic" and lets it outside every single second, i dont even see my baby anymore:( I think im going insane but i see lil'ones ghost just running around the house sometimes and it makes me jump because its running rite at me, but its only a black figure. It seems so real.. unless its a demon or something thats following around because whenever i wanna pet my cat it will look behind me when no ones home and dart down the hallway and hide. Yep, thats my cat.
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May 15, 2012