We Hope We Still Have .....somewhere.

The last time we saw our moggie was Tuesday night... today is friday... we have looked and called all over and our grey, white booted puss is now where to be found. Apart from the heart-ache of not knowing what has happened to him, we have discovered that we have an univited guest, it's a touch of... while the cats away the mice will play!!!!!

Come home puss we miss your " hellooo"...S
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6 Responses May 24, 2012

sad to report our beloved darrling has left us, had a report of a grey moggie beside the road, obviously dead, as he was micro-chipped and we weren't notified, some kind person must have disposed of him.

I'm so sorry for your loss. :/

We once had a cat that periodically disappeared for days on end then reappeared. But you do have to prepare for the worst, sad as that is. So much can happen to them. If he does come back, tell us right away, ok?

he wasn't a social cat really, I cant see anyone wanting to keep him, and he loved his tea''s etc!!! you'll certainly hear way back there if he does turn up...lol

I am so sorry.

thanks for your comment, we live in hope!!

Our "Darrrling' puss is no longer with us, he never came home and we are afraid that he was hit by a car, a neighbour saw a cat that seemed to resemble him. We are hoping that if it was him that he never suffered and is by the rainbowbridge waiting for us to come by.<br />
Sleep well our darrrling boy, cruiser misses you and your cuddles..... mum

we used to have a cat that disappeared for days then he came back. I hope to hear good news

have you found it?