Part 2- Sophie

Sophie was a mostly outside cat. She'd come in to eat and go back out.  She loved laying and hiding in my annual plants. I had Lillies, Peonies, Irises and Bee Bum. Sometimes I'd be out weeding and she'd sneak up and 'scare' me.  But she never helped weed. LOL
Sophie was the hunter in the cat family at the Wallace residence.
Every morning when I went out, I'd see she brought me a dead mouse, mole or something, I don't think she ever brought me a bird, can't remember anyway. Whenever she brought an animal, to the house she'd put it on the sidewalk. I'd praise her and pat her telling her, she's a good girl! Then I roll it off the sidewalk to the grass, scoop (using a small garden trowel) a little dirt, making a hole, roll the animal into it and cover it up with the dirt. If I waited to long....I'd try moving the carcass into the hole and only fur and skin would move into the hole, Some times I'd see a million(no I didn't count) magots squirming(a National graghic moment), under the skin, yucky!
One day I went out to see what she brought me, and I swear this is true, It was a mole with and couple of mouthfulls(?)of grass in it! (I have a pic of it from before digital cameras) She is so smart!
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Jun 8, 2012