I Have A Cat Now

I just got my cat about a week ago. He follows me everywhere I go it’s kind of weird. I don’t feel alone anymore: D
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I've found my relationship with my cats quite rewarding. Hopefully, the cats feel the same way.

My cat, his name is CC...not only does he follow me around...but he also as some very other curious traits. He talks to me with meows that I can not understand...he gets frustrated with me when I don't comply with his demands. He will nip me on my foot. He brings me things...even when I have absolutely no interest in them. He is a tough guy, so he feels compelled to protect me...he also runs frantically away if I accidentally drop something. BOOM...BANG! He greets my guests and insists that he be acknowledged.<br />
Best of all he knows...just knows my emotions and reacts accordingly to synergistically accommodate or compliment them.<br />
<br />
He is mostly white. Black ears and tail. A small rust stain around his chin (I distinctly recalling the day I realized that spot on his coat was truly apart of him...and not something that he rolled around in). Ouch.<br />
<br />
I feed him, so I think he puts up with me. I don't dare wash him...he'd bite me. But, if I need a quiet buddy, he just knows what to do...exactly knows what to do!<br />
<br />
That's my boy, CC. The best and only gift Bridgette ever gave me.

My Siamese cat always wants to be with me wherever I go in the house. It's mostly comforting, but can get annoying when I'm trying to type and he's snoring in my lap. I can't imagine not having him here as a companion.