She Is Ruining Everything We Own!

My boyfriend got his cat about 4 years ago when she was young so he thinks she is 5 or 6 years old. When he lived with his mom she was well behaved, she'd pee in the plant when no one was home but that was about it.

He moved into his own apartment in November and she seemed comfortable with the move after a couple of days. Everything was fine until January. We woke up a couple mornings to find out she pooped on the floor in random areas. It continued for months, in March we started spring cleaning through old clothes and discovered they were soaked in cat pee, we had to get rid of hundreds of dollars worth of clothes. We thought maybe her litter wasn't clean enough so we began cleaning it daily.

That didn't help. Since then she's ruined 2 comforters, 3 outfits, my laptop bag, 2 pillows, a pile of reusable shopping bags, our only armchair and a few books. I've stepped in small piles of cat poop and nearly slipped in her pee a couple of mornings.

We don't know what to do with her. It gets worse when she is in heat which is 2 week intervals monthly. The first time it happened she was in heat so I thought she just got herself too excited when she was rubbing up against things and lost control, but it continued straight through it.

We can't afford a vet visit and we are running out of belonging for her to ruin. If anyone has any suggestions on what we can do to correct her destructive behaviour I'd appreciate it. I was also hoping on any cleaning suggestions to get rid of the smell, people at work are starting to notice I smell like cat pee when I show up even though my clothes are washed at my parents house (we don't have a washer, actually hand wash a lot in the tub).
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Spay the cat. Unspayed females will behave like this when the aren't given an opportunity to breed.