Saving One Furry Life At A Time

When my cat Baba was born he was born feet first, his mother was in so much pain that she started to run around the entire basement even after he came out and he was being slammed by everything that was in her way. I managed to stop her and keep her calm, but this precious little baby was not breathing and his mother was too exhausted to clean him plus she was already having another one on the way so I picked him up and cleaned his nose and turned him upside down and started to massage him then suddenly he let out a bunch of fluids, since then we have been inseparable :).

My mother found this one little kitten not even a month old trying to get warm by crawling into an exhaust pipe so she grabbed her by the tale and brung her home, she gave her to me. She was completely riddled with parasites you could see them just moving around under her skin and a bunch of fleas crawling all over her, at first I said she isn`t going to live no longer than a few days because she was also nothing but skin and bones... after I managed to get rid of all of the parasites and fleas I just suddenly found myself getting more and more fond of her so we kept her and now she loves being around my second youngest brother, my mom and dad but she is just the sweetest big baby! she is never in a bad mood nor is it possible to annoy her lol I just love her so so much she is now 12yrs old and in perfect condition!
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Absolutely wonderful. So many people would not know what to do or even try to help an animal in distress. These stories touch my heart.

I`m so happy that my two beautiful stories made you on a personal level happy too =^,^=)~

both my two furry buddies said meowllo lol