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Βilly And......depression

i have many cats but only one male Billy he is free street cat free but faithfull, he showed something to me, when he is depress i can see it, it's writen on his face he dosent put that terrible feeling in his soul, as we do ,and get depressed and lose all our energy,and get sick,well when he is in this mood he bites,scratches,become difficult with his feeding,dont want any company,hate me and the other cats,but he never get sick or lost his vital energy from depression he just had a bad day,mayby he is more clever than us,we can confront our feelings keeping them inside of us gets us sick all the time,i believe we must do something to defuse....... well brave Billy you know the secret.
blackweirdcat blackweirdcat 46-50, F Jun 26, 2012

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