How It Came To Be.

I was walking back from an escapade of mushroom picking on a rainy night in october/november of 2009. As my friend and I passed a center for mentally handicapped people to socialize, I heard this pathetic little meow, along with the sound of coyotes. (I live in a small town surrounded by mountains and lots of wooded areas). Being naturally curious, I ventured into the darkness.

I stumbled upon a tiny, gray, soaked, skinny little kitten. He couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old, all alone on a rainy night being stalked by coyotes. Of course my heart melted and the name Slate was his. I picked him up and instantly fell in love. He immediately started purring, and I took him home.

He was being eaten alive by fleas, and after 2 intense baths (the water ran red with blood for the first one) he was finally clean. I picked fleas off him for half and hour and let him explore the room. He used the litter box, ate out of Kayo's food dish ( my other lovable feline, may you rest in peace <3 ) and curled up next to me.

He has been the best pet I have ever had. He survived cat pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection, going from a skinny little kitty to a 15 pound cat. He brings me incredible amounts of joy. Extremely loving, lazy, and at times, spastic. He enjoys nothing more than sleeping (preferably on me) and eating. And the occasional catnip crazed hour.

I've always heard that the best pets are the ones that find you. So save a life and pick up a kitty on the street. You never know such love until you do <3
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That's a cute story. Also, my mom's name is Kayo!