They Flock To Me Like Furry Magnets.... (part One: My Boy)

I was out for a late night walk (to cool off after an argument with my then-gf) when this gray cat strutted up to me at a dead intersection in a residential part of town maybe 7 blocks from my ex'es house. He brushed against me, purring his butt off the whole time. I started walking home (took a different zig-zagging route to make sure) and he stayed with me the whole way. He needed some encouragement in the last 20 feet, but without being picked up, he walked through the front door on his own.

He had no collar and his fluff was a bit dirty. I went out and spent $40 on supplies for him, including lots of toys, and cleaned him up. I told the local Humane Society about him, and one visitor who was missing a cat stopped by to see if he was their's, but he wasn't. Took care of his shots and battled for custody with the ex when we split, and now he's sleeping behind me on the bed.

He walked up to me in that intersection just over a year ago, and now we're peas in a pod. He follows me around the house like a dog, except when he's playful at which time I get "tagged" before he darts across the house. He lets me rub his belly and scratch his neck (but all cats love my neck scratch) and he just generally ALWAYS wants to be near me. If I lay down somewhere, he snuggles up to me. If he's laying down and I lay by him, he starts to purr. The other day he sat next to me and stared. I put my limp fist towards him so he could bump my hand with his head, but I kept it out of range just a little bit (he'd have to crawl into my lap to tag it). He started to, but it was too much effort, so instead he headbutted my leg and twisted into a nosedive that had him sprawling halfway across my lap.

My other cat is my little girl, and she's got her own personality but wants a lot more alone time. She also wants to do things strictly on her own time (I can pick up my boy at any time and he'll purr. She'd be pissed.) But anyway, my little girl is 1200 miles away right now, and this is just a story about the cat that used mind control on me to get me to take him home that night. That's why I named him Xavier.

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