My Cat Liked To Hug

My sister's cat Sweet Pea was the most loving cat almost dog like creature. She hasd taken a certain shine to me that was unlike that with any other family member. Very baby like, she would long to be held on ones shoulder and could purr there in bliss for hours she would hug back as best she could with her arm over one shoulder, she lived a long life and for several months deteriated in Heath until a few days ago she was discovered on the nearby church yard where she went to die. I cant help but wish i had spent a lot more time comforting her in her final days and hours. The strangest feeling woke me up at 5am or so that next morning. I felt her presence on my shoulder and almost could hear her purring in my ear well after I woke from sleep. I don't k ow if it was my subconscious mind dreaming but it truly felt like a final good bye visit similar to the one I felt when my grand mother passed away (which I was completely awake for) I can't help but wonder if there are any others that have had a similar experience. It felt very real. What I take away from this is the old cliche, is that we can not miss the opportunity to take the time out of our busy lives to appreciate our loved pets, family and friends.
DannyBDanny DannyBDanny
Sep 16, 2012