3 Of Them

One is grey and 6 years old his name is Eddie i had him since he was a kitten.He was born underneath our house and he was the runt of the litter but he is pretty big for the runt.
The next ones name is Little Kitty we didn't name her she came from my aunt and by then she was a few years old now she is about 9.She is a calico and the only girl.
Gabe is the Last one, he also came from my aunt when he was about 2 years old and now he is about 12 or 13. he is a tabby and acts just like a kitten most of the time
their hobbies include eating catnip, chasing mice and bugs,eating and taking a nap in the sun.

little kitty

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Edit: my darling litle kitty has passed away at the age of 9 she went quickly and unfortunately not in her sleep. She will be missed greatly