My cat's name is Kitty. We got her in December 1999 for Christmas. We didn't have a lot of money that Christmas. We went to the pound in the hopes of finding a dachsund to replace Silver, who had been killed by a car. We went to the local animal shelter and looked at the dogs. They were cute but all too big. We live in a small house so we wanted a small dog. Then we came upon the cats. There were a few. One cat was an old, grouchy persian who looked like she didn't want to be bothered by anyone. Another was a matted tabby who also looked a bit cranky. Then we saw Kitty. She was lanky and clean and very friendly. We played with her through the cage for a mnute and then they let us hold her. She got comfortbale right away.  As soon as we paid for her and took her out to the car she jumped right in and settled down. Little did we know it would be the only time she would ever enjoy riding in a car. My husband took her to be sayed and wormed and later we found out she had already been spayed.After that she never liked getting into a car again. 

Kitty has a great demeanor. She is the friendliest cat I ever had. She's not too keen on strangers, though. She tends to stay away from them until she gets to know them. She's not too crazy about other cats either, and I think she enjoys hissing at the strays. All in all, Kitty is my best pal. She takes her place on the bed right next to my head each day for her daily naps. If I'm lying in her spot she will wait for me to move. When I call her she answers just as if a human is saying "hmm?" I think she knows what I am saying when I talk to her. Sometimes I let her outside for grass and one time she wandered off. I spent a half hour looking for her and it turned out she was next door hiding in the bushes. I scooted her back into the house and fussed at her for not coming when I called. The next time I let her out I told her to stay in the yard, and she did. The third time I let her out I forgot to tell her to stay in the yard and she wandered off again into the neighbor's yard. When she finally came out she ran all the way home and hid behind the sofa because she knew I was going to fuss at her. Smart cat.

I love my Kitty.

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I had a cat named "Kitty" too. Was told I'm not very original but couldn't find another name that fit so"Kitty" stuck.