Actually I Have More Than 1 Cat

Can I still belong to "I Have A Cat" if I have more than 1 cat? I hope so. I have 2 twelve year old cats that I adopted from the local shelter when they were kittens, and I have 4 Bengal cats, which I raised and kept as pets. I think all cats are fascinating but the Bengals are very unique because they are the product of breeding several already domesticated cat breeds - some of the breeds used to form the Bengal were Siamese, Abyssinian and Burmese - that were bred to a small wild "Asian Leopard Cat". The result is the now most popular breed in the world of cat known as the "Bengal" and it is a very curious and exceptionally "participatory" cat which has the beautiful markings of the leopard cat that is in its ancestry. Cats are so appealing because of their ability to be loving and sociable and at the same time be the most effective hunter on the planet pound for pound.
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Why not? We are down to one cat these days, even tho' I have become allergic to animal dander. When I was in the military, I was stationed overseas three times. I brought 11 eleven cats back from Italy to the USA (I purchased one, a Sealpoint Siamese; I took in five more 'strays' and one of them birthed six kittens a few days before I flew home.) When I went to Okinawa in 1994, I took three cats with me. When I was out for my walk one night, I found an obviously abandoned kitten about five weeks old. I took him home & brought him home along with the other three. We still had him when we took in Missy six years years ago.
Someone else said/wrote that cats are like potato chips .... you can't have just one.

This time last year I had two cats, one christmas present and back yard stray later we are up to four! They are quite demanding. There is one that begs to be held like a baby and that "pets" me back when I hold her. It is really is impossible to be crabby or too angry when your pet pets you back as its happily snuggled up in your arms. I would do anything for those cats.