Anyone Else Have "cat-like Creatures"?

I love cats so soon after buying a house I wanted to have cats in my home so I went to a nearby cat rescue shelter and adopted two cats that the people who ran the shelter said were "unadoptable". I like a challenge so I adopted Petey and his buddy Leo, and they are roughly the same age and had been together for several years and were found living outside by dumpsters. Neither one would let me pet them or touch them. I went back to the shelter to talk to the people who run it and was told they had twin kittens I might be interested in that were brother and sister. They were adorable and I could hold both of them so I adopted them. Long story short, all of 4 cats get along and since they live together they developed strange quirks: they all prefer to squeek instead of meow and 3 can no longer meow at all. Additionally, the older two who did not want to be petted or touched "turned" the kittens so as they grew up they, too, did not want to be petted, touched or held. The 4 of them are strictly indoor cats and I interact with them multiple times a day and do all of the feeding and care for them. For the most part they are indifferent to me except at meal time or play time and even then I am lucky to briefly pet one or two of them when they are distracted by food. Since they do not behave like normal cats I've taken to calling them the "cat-like creatures" since they resemble cats but do not behave like cats. Jackson Galaxy would remind us that we are "cat guardians" not cat owners. I love his show and may email him sometime over this issue. Petey is the alpha cat and is the most responsive to me. I can pet him and brush him almost any time I want to whereas the others will only "tolerate" petting at meal time and then only if they're in the mood to be petted. Anyone reading this who has NOT adopted a kitten or cat from a shelter please don't think this is normal behavior for shelter cats because it isn't. I've adopted several shelter cats previously and they were loving, playful and sweet cats. They all like to hear me speak to them and three will play when I offer them cat toys and interact with them. So I was wondering if anyone else in the group has "cat-like creatures" for cats?
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Thank you all for your responses that you posted. I do, indeed, understand cat behavior as I have had cats for over 15 years now. I have to admit that I was spoiled because of the first 4 I had two were Maine Coons and they are very affectionate and very intelligent and they set the standard for cat behavior with my first four and in short order I had 4 sweet, loving cats --- 2 from shelters and the two Maine Coons that came from a woman who had raised Maine Coons and needed to find a good home for the two I took. The first two from the shelter were found outside but not considered feral and Petey has become quite sweet the older he gets the more sweet and attentive he becomes. Maybe you're right, Mini ---- that some cats are just the way they are when it comes to human interaction and they set the rules and we must live by them. And Jenna, my first 4 cats were like yours --- they became more affectionate over time and I could pick them up and pet them and they loved it. ElvenLady, you're right ---- the kittens grew up following the example of behavior they saw in the others. Silentwriter, you are so right ---- all of them have their own "purrsonalities"! Everyone, have a great day and thanks again for your comments.

I adopted a single cat who did not allow us to touch him from the shelter. We live in a small area and I had been on the waiting list for 2 months when he became available. Since there were no other cats in the home he turned to us after a few months.
He became increasingly affectionate over time. Now you can't sit or sleep alone in this house...well he doesn't. There are 5 of us and he must be touching someone. Cats are social creatures. If they don't have each other they will bond with a loving human.

Hello musicman, I am minimeowz ,,,^-;-^,,, ~(8:>, I live with 2 cat like creatures. Neither of them like to be held. They sit with me & I can pet them--only when they choose. Still they are beautiful beings. Some cats are just that way. meow! mini

Cats are definitely their own, individual characters. It's one of the things I've always loved about them.