The Cat Whisperer

That's what my daughter calls me. I got her two cats before I owned one myself.
My Anna was a rescue from the cats protection league. For the first two days she hid from me. Then she came and sat next to me on the sofa. We stared at each other for a number of seconds and fell in love. She is now my lap cat. If I am sitting she wants to be on me. Except at 4pm that is dinner time and she will get very chatty till she gets her dinner.
Fifee came from a farm I delivered mail to. I had gone to the cottage up the road and was chatting and fussing a mail ginger cat and the farmer asked if I wanted a kitten. I didn't really but when I saw the cute little ginger girl I had to take her.
At first Anna didn't like Fifee and would hiss and swipe at her when she came near and it took a couple of weeks before I could leave them alone in the same room.
Fifee loves cake, especially muffins, and goes wild when I eat one. She is very curious unless your a stranger then she runs behind the washing machine.
I'm sure I'll get around to putting some more pictures of them both at some point.
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46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012