I Love My Kitties =)

I just love my cats. I have 2, Thomas and Sunny. They are both ginger -colored cats and I love them to death. Seriously, my life would not be complete without them. They are like my children-- and I  don't plan on having any kids. I don't know why I own an alarm clock; EVERY morning, without fail, one of them is there to get my attention to fill their food dish or whatever.

Their purring calms me and soothes me after I've had a rough day and their love is unconditional. I just wish they weren't so indifferent!!

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that is so sweet :) im glad you have a love for your kitties :P

I totally get you.

I have had 6 kids and they are all grown and out of the house. I must say having my cat helps fill the 'empty nest' syndrome and I sometimes feel guilty about spoiling him more than my kids! But then again, I am not raising Miles to go out in the world and be responsible and accountable either! Also, there is no sibling to complain he is getting 'more' 'better' 'the most' 'the one I wanted' -so I get to be good to Miles and feel needed without having to teach, worry, chauffer around, and all the other mom tasks I enjoyed-but have outgrown now. It is an easier relationship. I agree, my life would not be as complete without my dear sweet Miles either!

Awwwww... I know the feeling!! I too dont plan on having kids!!! i think they fill more than what kids can! yourr lucky!! give my love to the babies!!! :)

mine are babies still and needy. my bigger one though will roam my neighborhood making friends with the neighbors. i once thought he was lost but he was having a sleepover he is very social.people ask me if they can have him all the time.

wow i wish my cat was like that she goes out every day and only comes back in to eat

I adore cats. Over the past 30 years i have never been without one- at one time i had 8 of them, most from the oriignal line. <br />
They have all had their own nature- indifferent (yes), stuck up, needy, independent, cheeky, bossy, smoochy and more, bu i have found them 2 be just as loyal and loving as dogs.<br />
Presently, i have a dog ,a cat, 2 cockatiels, 2 budgies and a baby galah of 9 months- they all get along together- in fact, it's Jack (the galah) who is in charge. My cat doesn't care- except for when Jack eats her whiskers.<br />
Long live the cat!

Indifferent? I find mine are aloof well not both just the female. I must write about them. they are a pair.