"Zipper", Doesn't That Sound Silly?

I have a 8 year old tomcat. He's funny name is Zipper(nevermind the meaning, it just sounded nice in Romanian)

He's lazy(somewhat like Garfield), but if you disturb him in his free time (always), especially in the breeding period, well....my dad did this('bout 7 years ago)and he had a hemoragy 'cause Zippy cut his veines.

So, he's a very good guard cat.

Besides that, when i'm having a depression or something, he's always there for me

Anonim Anonim
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3 Responses May 23, 2007

My cat helped me through alot of sad times.

I've glad to see someone else's is doing the same.

Wow, wouldn't that be great to have a cat that would massage your back - too bad they don't train very well.

I have one

Yeah, love those cats. They are very kneady sometimes, they knead the chest, and knead the arm, and knead the tummy. I wish I could get my cat to knead the sore spot on my back. <br />
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