My 4 Legged Daughter Stiches

first off thanks for me to be able to share my storyof my catwho i call my4 legged daughter stiches iam a cancer suvioir i have been thought my first cancer operation which lasted for about 131/2hrs , my sister who was with me that day andbeyon . AS WELL AS MY2brothers as well sd my dad. after at leasts a week later . i was told by my lavdlord that it was ok to get a cat so iuwent over to pick a cat i was looking for a kitten so i went over to the full rwn caats AND THERE SHE WAS. there was something about her i like so they let you take 3 in with you to see which one i like and i told i found my cat /her name at humnane sciety was hetta i didnt like the name si called her was stiches. she wom me over and she was there no and alwaysiam not but she looks for me and she so glad to see me my motherly moods wantsto out iwill always for her she was there when i need her
lbigsister2 lbigsister2
56-60, F
Jan 9, 2013