Meeting Of Two Minds


and Eyes In The Dark

should meet up.

So should their respective owners.

DancingFox DancingFox
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

That's a fabulous name for a cat!

Which one? Yala (my cat) or Eyes In The Dark (Norman's cat - Mingus called it that, apparently!)?

Both Actually. :) But in this case I'm referring to Eyes In The Dark.

It is pretty awesome. I want to meet that cat. Nothing to do with the owner, of course.

Didn't entre my mind for even a second...

He posts the sweetest pics of his cat. <3 Gahhhh.

It is a beautiful cat. :)

... and a beautiful owner. Ok, I'll stop now :p

No you won't. ;)
*tickles you*

I blame it on him for being so adorkably irresistible. It simply shouldn't be allowed!

He does seem rather quirky & intelligent. :)

Yeah. Why are GREAT guys always completely out of reach? *sighs* I swear if we could meet like normal people we'd get on like a house on fire.

I bet you would indeed... There is nothing more attractive than a good mix of intelligence, wit & quirk. :)

Yep. I am a lot more attracted to an interesting personality than to a face. To be honest, he's not necessarily handsome in the classical sense at all, but I think he has tons of charm and a great, quirky, sweet personality. I love that.

Yes. Me too. :)

You, on the other hand, are perfect. You have charm, wit, intelligence, quirk, AND you're very beautiful! *kisses*

*blushes crimson & hides behind hand*
Thank you sweetie. <3

It's true though.

Sonnet`s telling porkies!!! :-p

I am? How so?

"Didn't entre my mind for even a second..." *mwah*

Its entered my mind the minute I saw this post. ;-p

The cheekiness of the statement was implied. :)

You do cheeky so well..... I really must start taking notes.

Teehe. :)

*pulls in Sonnet and Deg for a hug*

How splendid! :)

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Oh here we go again! ;-p

*whistles innocently*

What? I haven't done anything...

Oh don`t even missy! ;-p

I am just suggesting an innocent meeting between two cats and their owners. I cannot for the life of me think what's wrong with that...