My Two Cats!

Actually I have two cats. They are my little girls. One is Missy (I call her Miss Moo!) she is ten yrs old and a bit over weight, ok alot. She is a doll baby, I found her outside where I work, I had to bring her home. She is black with white mitten paws. The vet guessed at the time she was 2-3 yrs. old. My other gem is Little One, or my nickname for her is Punky Brewster. Where I get these nicknames I have no idea they both have several. Little One was sitting on my steps one day and she was coughing and so sick, so of course I brought her in and the rest is history. She is about seven. She is a tiger cat and she is so small, not under weight but for some reason she isn't overweight, she is so dainty. You might have guessed my kitty babies love treats. I dont have kids, they are my kids.
Missy greets me at the door everyday after work and Little One is by her food bowl waiting for me. Little One will not eat unless someone sits with her. My husband would sit with her all the time because he loved her so much and sadly he passed away almost 2 yrs ago. So I do it, I haven't even tried to break her of it, probably couldn't anyway.
My Missy girl follows me around the house like a little puppy, it is so sweet.
Anyway I love them and there is nothing like having a kitty.

Thanks for letting me share.
tweetybird51 tweetybird51
51-55, F
Jan 21, 2013