Is My Cat On Death'S Door??? She Is Almost Catatonic! Very Worried

increasing over two days: not eating or drinking, not passing much of anything.. a tiny bit ofsome diarrhoea after which she howled in pain (normally quiet) fpr a few minutes. She was coughing a dry horrible sound but has stopped and is now droopy and lethargic and nearly unresponsive, half sleeping constantly, eyes are dull. Feels cold in the paws and nose... what is going on?? very worried.
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

Please take her to a vet.

Dont want to scare you but i am also concerned as i had a cat a couple of years ago with the same problem,
I had her checked over by the vet and was diagnoesed (Cancer to the bowl)
there was not much that could be done,
Only to keep her warm and comfortible, She only lived for six months after that but i would like to think i made her comfortible and loved in her last days,
Get her checked out asap its better to know so you can look after her better knowing what is wrong
My latest cat Barnaby is okay and still samping after mice,
Best of Luck mate keep me informed how things turn out,