Figera the Taillless Wonder!

i was at the vets when a kitten wondered out of a room. the docters let me in so i could put the kitten back. i saw 6 kittens and all of them had a collar, which means they were getting home. the kitten i picked up didn't have a home because no one wanted her. she was tailless from birth and all her brothers and sister were fluffy and pure white. i fell in love with her from the start and adoptted her. when we took her home she soon proved how special she was. fly swatters are no longer needed here, she get them all. she like the shower and she like to play fetch. i could swear shes a dog sometimes. my best friends gave her the name tailless wonder!

zcwolf18 zcwolf18
1 Response Aug 18, 2008

Cats can worm their way into your heart quickly. I have recently begun to enjoy having a cat around when my Kitten died suddenly this past summer. I am waiting for a new kitten that will be ready for adoption right around Christmas