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I don't really have a cat, but there is a stray cat that lives by my house that I have kind of adopted.  I feed him everyday, and when I go outside to smoke, he hangs out with me.  I love that cat, and as far as I can tell, he loves me too. 

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the cat across the street from me always meows through me..I stealthily walk over near him and start petting him and realize hes extremely skinny so I feed him tuna. Next thing I know, they brought him inside...thats a first. :( I named him Moracco. One day I plan on cat napping him.

I think almost every cat my family has had started as a stray..... I think strays love you more.... they're more grateful..... I'm sure your kitty lurrrrvvvsssssss you :) whoops! I mean :o)<br />
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LetMeGo2 was here!

keisse you stole the words out of my mouth. When I was younger I used to steal the nieghborhood cats and bring them inside and let the stay the night and then I would take them back to where I found them. I miss having a kitty.

I 'have' a stray cat too...I want to believe that they do love us adopters. The 1st time I saw him, I was standing on my deck and I heard him meowing down in the grass. When I talked to him, he climbed all the way up to the second level of the house and into my heart. =)

It's sweet to have a stray cat. He may just be a 'six dinner Sid', roaming around getting fed from everyone. I used to read that story to my pre-schoolers. They always enjoyed it, Sid had 6 different names and six different places to eat, everyone loved him, and he finally wasn't feeling well and all six families took him to the vet(it's a kid story, so yes, all the families had the funds to take him to the vet, and it just happened to be the same vet), anyhow. The families then all got together and took care of him, taking shifts on the feeding. <br />
Crap, I'm rambling again, aren't I? <br />
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Good story, will we get a picture of stray kitty?

Aww... That's sweet.