Krumples is a funny cat. She likes to hide around corners to catch Krinkles (other female cat) guard. She chase her a lot. Krumples is spayed but when I brought Klyde home from off the streets, they both hit it off real well. You can say love at first bite, hehe. Krumples became sick with vomitting two months ago. She has cancer, and I can not afford the doctors. I have her on herbal medicine, and I am going on line for "Prayer Requests for Pets", and started entering the requests for her healing as of today. She has lost weight, but still eats, comes by me, wags her tail, and a little playful with me and the other cats. Ihave seen prayers answered all the time, so I do this and my answer will be yes. I struggle with waiting and her vomitting, but I can clean that, it is just the waiting. I love her, and my heart really feels pain for her suffering. I hope you will pray for her too. She is my trusted, loving companion. All Be Blessed! Laura 

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51-55, F
Feb 9, 2009