"Reconstructing Barry"

Here's Barry's Story!

Barry lived next door to me for about 6 years with his family.  I would see him in the window everyday and would "pet" him through the window.  I thought, "what a beautiful cat". I just assumed he was getting the love and attention he needed from his family.

This past summer, things were not going to well in Barry home, I went over to visit one day, and saw that there was no food, water, nothing around for him to eat, so I ask the man,,"Where is Barry's food and water"??  He said they a run out the day before and FORGOT to get him food.  OMG!  Needless to say, I was pissed,, Luckily, I had always kept cat and dog food in my house (even after the loss of my Pom, Gizmo) for emergencies, which happen quite frequently here in my "hood".  I brought the food over, fed Barry, and filled his water dish, then gave the guy a chewing out, of sorts.  He said,, gee, sorry bout that,, so, I thought all was well.

I visited again a few days later (the couple had a 6 month baby that I was checking on) and once AGAIN,, no food for Barry,,, UGGGGG,,, I went off on the guy,, I also noticed Barry had FLEAS  and was looking very emanciated,, I thought "what the heck are they doing to this poor cat",  I asked if I could take Barry to vet myself and they said "sure".  He was treated for the fleas and I was told he was very under weight for a Maine Coon (well, DUH,,,he wasnt getting fed).

Around September, the couple told me they were separating and each was moving, and neither wanted to take Barry, so they asked if I wanted him.  At first, I was hesitant, I had just lost my dog and was not ready to take on the responsibility of another animal, not this soon anyway.  But when they told me they were going to take him to the local shelter (it is NOT a no-kill), I knew what I had to do,, so just before they moved, they brought Barry over to my house.

Next thing I knew,, they were gone,, no goodbye, nothing.   I've not heard from them since.  And poor Barry, he just didnt understand why he was in a strange place with strange people, and were was HIS family?  

Well, it's been almost 5 months now, and with tons of love, attention and FOOD, Barry is adjusting nicely.  He's still a bit untrusting, and I know it will take time, but, Barry is healthy, gaining weight, and is now my beautiful baby who has a FOREVER HOME, where he is truly Loved and Wanted.  

I guess it's true, When God Closes a Door, he Opens a Window.  I lost my beloved Pom, Gizmo, and now I have my Beautiful BooBarry!

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

What a CUTE story,, got me a laugh, for a change. Same with MY cat,, I rescued him, feed him,, clean the litter box, play with him,, do everything but wipe his lil behind,,lol,,, be when my hubby comes home,, it's MEOW, MEOW, and loves ALL over him,,same happens when MY hubby is in the bathroom,, cat is Waiting, Wainting,,filing his nails,, Waiting,, I know the feel, trust me,, lol.

awww, what a cute story!! cheers to us Cat people (clink) :D