Baby Jack and Sheba

I have two cats and they are adorable.  I've had Sheba two years now.  She... who turned out to be a he... adopted us at my grandkids school.  He was walking around crying, so we gave him a little food I had in my car.  My grandson was begging me to keep him, but I told him he may belong to someone and we couldn't take him from them.  Finally I said... "If 'she' follows us to the car all on 'her' own, and gets in all on 'her' own, well see what happens".  Sheba did follow us to the car with no coaching.  My grandson hopped in, then the cat, then my granddaughter.  The cat crawled into the back seat with them and curled up.  He's been with me every since.

Baby Jack is about 1 1/2 now.  He's my sweetheart, though he can get fiesty at times.  My sister brought him to me when he was three weeks old.  He was abandoned and very sick.  I bottled fed him several times day and night.  She laughed at my midnight feedings and coming home from work at noon to feed him.  Now he's healthy and strong and knows he's loved.

They are beautiful and I am blessed to have them in my family.

PejutaWaste PejutaWaste
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Me too, I see you are new here, so welcome!<br />
What would a home be with a cat (or 2 or...)? I just can't imagine it! We currently have 3 house cats and 2 in the barn with the horses and the chickens. They are all "road refugees." You can see my animals in my albums if you want.

I love your story !