Rolly was born in the chest of drawers with her sister Rocky yo Moppet who sadly is no longer with us. When Rolly was  a tiny kitten she wandered into the next door neighbour's shed ( it was winter and cold and dark) we had to wait for hours for him to come back with the key. She was nearly dead when he delivered her to the front door. She survived with a lot of love and care, and went on to have 11 kittens and nursed Rocky's kittens (ten in all), cos Rocky rejected them. She is now ten yrs years old. She is so caring and responsible and helps supervise things outside, like when the dog runs down the street she will come down with me to fetch him back. She's truly wonderful!
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That is so sweet. I used to know a cat who used to walk me home from the bus stop and meet me at the bus stop for school when I was little. And I never even gave her any treats. She was just my little guardian.

Thanks littleduckie.<br />
It is all true and Rolly is still my No.1. cat!