All My Cats

and her name is Oreo. Now she is only white but she used to have a black spot on her forhead just like her mom and her moms mom before that. Jut like her mothers before her when she became pregnant she lots her spot and passed it on ter her kittens. Usually out of the litter only one will have a black spot but Oreo's babies all had black spots and one was gray and black . So we decided to keep the gray and black male and name him Hustler. He was supposed to be my aunts cat but he never left home! Her pets are all named with H's Hershey Honer and now Hustler. But he became a part of our family and I can't give him up...not that he would go stay anwhere else. All my life I have had a cat. My first cat was Cocoa got her when I was five and she passed away when I was 20 in her sleep. Then I got Blossom, and then Maliki, and then Honey B and when my moms cat Sprucee had a kitten we scooped her up and called her Oreo and you know the rest from there! I don't think I could live a normal life without a cat in it! :)

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She looks cute !! I love cats

life without cats isn't normal.........I loved your story, thank you for sharing.<br />
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