Pandora's Box

I have a cat; she's currently 5 weeks old and I will be bringing her home in one week! 

I named her Pandora, or Panda for short.  My friend told me, with much amusement in her eyes, "Careful with Pandora's box, I hear there will be some nasty stuff in there!" 

I have never owned a cat, only ferrets and raccoons.  I have two ferrets at the time and am a little worried about how to keep her food away from the ferrets...they love kitten food and will gorge themselves on it! 
Puzzle Puzzle
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2007

Maybe get your kitten eating at certain set times of the day and being in the room with her so she does not feel trapped but that it is just her special time? Cats don't need to have food available at all times as long as they are getting the correct daily amount. Even with a food dish left out my cat, Miles, only eats a few times a day. You could keep some kitty snacks in the cupboard and offer her some a few times a day just to see if she seems hungry until you know what her eating style is. And once you have decided whether your cat will eat wet, dry or a combination. Ask a vet how much food she should eat per day when you take her in for a check-up or shots. Your cat will probably also know which room she goes to for food and will quickly learn to tell you by going to that door or into the room and telling you. Good luck with settling on a solution that works for all!

Your a lucky person - enjoy your new kitty- put her food up somewhere the ferrets can't reach- have a great holiday!