His name is Tiger. It was the name he had when he was in foster care, and he responded to it, so we kept it for his sake. Before that we are told, he was found among a colony of feral cats living the wild life. You'd never know it from meeting him, though, as he is a total sweetheart, and loves people. His legs are short almost like a munchkin, and coupled with a bit of a squished in face makes him one of the most adorable cats ever. Tiger is the world's friend, and if you have a seat in his house you will be getting a lap ful of cat, and some killer love-headbutts. His age was estimated at eight years, and for the five years we've had him now, would put him somewhere near thirteen, but don't let that fool you; He's still a kitten on the inside. I love that cat, derps and all.

MrLaidBack MrLaidBack
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014