My Cat Is Nuts!!!

I have 2 cats they are Kit and Kat. Both of them seem to love to chew on shoes, drinking from the toilet, and eating curling ribbon until they are sick! I think they are psycho since they have plenty of clean water and toys. But love them any way. So maybe I'm the psycho one.

rhyll rhyll
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I love my cat more than I ever thought I would love any animal. She's my constant companion. She sometimes sleeps in the recycling box to be near me when I'm on the computer.

haha yeah my cat eats plastic wrap and grass. she throws it up all the time. its pretty disgusting

All cats are psycho! And so are we for loving them so much! Hehehe. Do try to keep the ribbons away from them when you aren't playing with them. They can choke on ribbons and maybe tie up their innards! Just know you are in good company. I love my furbabies like my children.