I didn't intend to get a cat, it was a accident. The people that live across the street from me moved out and just left it. It's just a kitten, can't be more than 4 months old. She is solid black and just as sweet as she can be. I named her Miss Afray. I don't know where the name came from, it just popped into my head, but it kinda fits her. I can't believe that someone would just leave a poor little kitten to survive on its own. They make me so mad. Oh well, I got a pretty new baby out of it.
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I love cats, have two, one from a shelter the other a stray. Human cruelty/neglect is no longer a surprise to me. Last time I visited the vet she told me she meets several people who get a new kitten or puppy every year, ditch them when they start to grow and get less cute.

And you will not regret it,for all the love she will give you,she was a lucky kitty to have had you near!

Awe, it is great to know human kindness still exists in this world.

Those little guys need all the help they can get, I'm happy for you and Miss Afray!... A friend gave me a last minute call, as she was moving out from my building, and said, "If you want Mickey (pic), he'll be in the bathroom!"...then hung up...last time I talked to I brought him to my place to live w/ best buddy!...[since May,2009] cheers!

I just wish people wouldn't be so cruel, as to abondon their "once loved" animals...they have feelings , too...."Mickey" was about 2 or 3 years old , at the time, when she just left him...she called me and kinda "forced me" to take him...she counted on the fact that I love cats, and would hate to see him taken away...that was sooooo wrong!!!....He cried and searched the hallways for his "mom" for a very, very long time ,...nearly 2 and on...I just kept taking excellent care of him ...and told each and every day ...that he was my bestest buddy...I'm now finally his "daddy' I love him to death!...."She" actually called me to tell me that she's got another "kitten'...I was so mad...she only likes "kittens' and once they grow up...she gives them away , or in my case, forces them on "abandoning them!...she's got psychiatric "issues"...this should be illegal, but it's not, somehow...Oh well.......The Beotch!!!.....just sayn...Thank you for your great kindness towards "animals"....jb....

Bless you for taking her in! We had to Wait on a list at the local shelter to get ours...years ago, he has been the best addition to our family.

nothing better then rescue cats. i swear they know you saved them. good job!

i'm happy for you and the Kitten , that's great , happy loving

i love cats they keep me sane and busy. i had to give mine away because i don't have anyone to help me when i was pregnant and very very ill. i don't like to put one in shelter when i had no other choice. but the other one i know fit perfectly with my friend and two became bff.

Very nice! It sounds like she needed you! I'm glad that you took her in, as I'm sure she is as well! My daughter acquired three more cats due to her neighbor abandoning them. Her boyfriend is allergic, so we are looking for homes for them.

awww that poor baby i adore cats and cant imagine why anyone would leave any animal.You are a good person that cat has chosen you

Like my old cat! Apart from she was 9 when her 3rd owner (the 1 before me) moved her 1st owner didnt want her as she had grown up her 2nd 1 had got a boyfriend who didnt like cats so the teenager took the cat to the rescue centre then it was me but after 6yrs she died of old age.

I want to see a picture of the cat!

my neighbours cousin had a 4 WEEK old kitten dumped on her doorstep

We did the same taking in a cat that was the ladies 3 doors up,when we moved into the house the cat used to come and get fed with anything we had then go home,then they got a dog and the cat never got to go in the house,so it used to stay down at ours then even curling up in a chair in the kitchen and sleeping......then one day the lady 3 doors up did a bunk in the middle of the night leaving the cat outside to fend for itself,so it moved in to ours permanently and has been here ever since

I have a puppy. I didn't mean to but this man begged me to take it. He said he coudn't feed it. It was dirty and coveredin fleas. I already have a very big puppy and realizef today tha I cannot handle any more responsibilities. I am so tired. It is very yappy and I am not sure what to do with it. . . . D:

I think it was very sweet of you to take care of this kitten!<3 at least some people have a heart :)

Thats great you adopted a lovely stray cat, all the best! <br />
<br />
I too adopted a cat who just came along one-day and we took him in. He was such a darling, we called him puss, sadly he passed away a few years ago but it was well worth it and we still remember him with fondness :-)<br />
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Hope you have many wonderful years ahead with your baby :-)

Good on you for adopting this kitten. I admire you for doing that even though you didn't plan on having a pet. You're wonderful!

That's cute! :-)

my neighbor threw out a baby kitten he was about 4 weeks old and scared to death. It took us months to get him to trust us but after feeding him and getting rabie shots he is now my baby! He will be 3 years old in May and I hate her for what she did but I'm so glad I have him. He crawled from under our shed so we named him Sheddie.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person.<br />
You saved Afray's life and for that you are in GODs graces. <br />
Every animal we have ever taken in has been either abandoned or a neighbor with a litter looking for homes.

Thanks for saving the kitteh! Those people are so irresponsible.

You are a very special and precious soul to open your heart and give a loving home to an abandoned animal. May her love and devotion to you repay you a hundred fold<br />
<br />
huggssssssss<br />

Kudos to all of us cat people. I have 4 cats and can't imagine my life without them. I lost my oldest last September and I still cry when I visit her resting place in my back yard. Am I evil: I cried more for my cat than my Dad who passed away in March. Loved him allot too! Another question: why is it that it's mostly women who do the rescuing and loving of these poor defenseless creatures? I guess it's true that most men are missing a 'human' gene. Now don't get me wrong...I said 'most' men, not all men. My husband nearly left me when I adopted our last 2 cats. I offered to help him pack, he,he!

It is sad when people abandon pets. That poor kitten, that's nice of you to give it a home.

That's really cool! I'm really glad that Miss Afray has a real home/ owner now, good for you. I have a cat myself, her name is Ella and she is everything to me. So good for you, and welcome.... To The Pet OWner's world.<br />
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we used to have a cat but my brother had to give it to my older brother because my dad kept geting sick. I found out recently that my older brother threw the cat out of his house.

that is sooooooooo sweet, take care of it, it will have no where else to go. That is definately not a woops, how cute. <br />
<br />
Black cat is it, hope it doesn't bring you bad luck for 7 years, I hate those old wives tales.<br />
<br />
I got told recently that if I wear a necklace while being pregnant that the unbilical cord will wrap around my unborns neck. How ridiculous, since then I am freaking out that I can't relax if something on, even though I wore a necklace yesterday cuz I forgot the rule. Damned hawaiaan superstician, I couldn't tap my mind out of that belief, I feel really scared already, didn't need another thing to the mix.<br />
<br />
Anyway, back to your kitty, my love goes to you, having babies takes time, love and care. My friend rescued a dog and had to stop working for a year, she wouldn't come out of the cupboard as the old bag before her who had it must have locked it in. She rescued her also. Sherry is still kicking, to cut a long story short.<br />
<br />
Take care and add me as friend, I usually go anon on here.

You've done a wonderful thing! My second cat was abandoned, and became one of the most affectionate animals I've ever known. A neighbour always has a dog and a cat, even though he admits to being mostly a dog person. He believes mixing the two species is most enriching for the animals, and his pets truly are always incredible. When he goes for a walk with the dog in the evening the cat turns up to greet them, and I swear that cat and dog have some language all of their own! They touch noses, the cat mews, dog gives a single woof, moves closer to the cat while wagging his tail, they get very close, cat makes a small sound, twitches his tail and walks away. Man and dog then continue their walk. I'm sure you'll have an interesting time, as well as many hours of love and fun.

This is so sweet and kind of you to take in the kitten. I had a sick kitten that I brought home from the mall pet shop (bad to support those places, I know). My mother who is a doctor and a cat breeder friend wound up having to give my little guy tons of fluid and tummy medicine. I can't even look at that store when I walk by it at the mall anymore. All the animals look unwell and they support kitty and puppy mills - my fluffly guy has bad hips from all the clumsy inbreeding, but his underbite is cute and he has tremendous personality. I really wish that people would not treat animals like they are disposable or interchangable property. The bring so much to our lives.

Animals are beautiful and they love us back so much xxxxxxxx

I am very happy for you. I just love black cats! My cat is an excellent companion. You sound like you have an open spirit about it. I think you made a good decision for yourself.

May the powers that be Meow down on you all the love a kitten has. I have always disliked cats, but my wife had 2 when we met. The "tough" one who likes nobody, has adopted me, and sleeps soundly, purring on my chest.

Hi silvertears,<br />
our cat wasn't 'an accident', he IS an accident. They say cats have 9 lives, well so far (at last count) he's used up about 14 of them. LOL<br />

Good on you!! You are a true hero : )<br />
Some people should not be allowed to have animals... that is sooo mean, I could never leave my babies.

been there done that. We recently lost our 14.5 year old dog to a stroke. We decided that our 5 year old would be an only dog. I accidentally came across a give away dog on the internet that was about 45 minute drive from our place. Yep we got ourselves a free dog that cost plenty as he needed to be vaccinated, desexed and micro-chipped. He was worth every penny and gets on very well with the other dog and the cat has decided to tolerate him.<br />
<br />
Life without pets just isn't the same as having something that loves you unconditionally.

Keep it safe. It needs you :)

may you two have a long time in this world together. all the luck :D.

God blesses those who look out for his little ones....includes animals....they are his creation !

Awwwww, thank God for people like you who share their homes and lives with strays. Been there! Done that! LOL Smiles

Goo for you and thank good ness for the kitten! I hate it when people do that -- just move off and leave a pet! I have inherited a couple like that myself. She sounds adorable. I love solid black cats myself, but they are the hardest to find homes for in a shelter. She may have already had her first heat, so take her and get her spayed as soon as possible! I hope you can. The SPCA has low cost spaying, call them, please.If you can, try to keep her indoors all the time. She may be too used to roaming already, but maybe not.The life of an outdoor cat is only two years. Get her shots too. SPCA has those low cost too. You don't have to get them every year, but maybe evry 3-4 yrs. Feed her kitten chow till about one year. She needs the extra protein. If she doesn't have fleas, stay on top of that also. they can be horrible for the cat and you. Love the name! Maybe she did tell you. LOL You are both blessed with a new friend.

I actually prefer dogs myself, and just adopted a new one. She is a miniature wiener dog. I am already in love with her and have only had her for one day.

Hi Puzzle, I don't know where the name comes from, it just popped into my head. Almost like she told me that was her name. As far as the meaning, your guess is as good as mine.<br />
MostlyLoner, it is so good of you to rescue poor little animals, although it is sad when some of them cant be saved, it is better that they dont have to suffer anymore. I wish I could save them all.

That's one lucky cat. I've "rescued" a few abandoned kittens that were too far gone, and I had to take them to be put to sleep. I've also had neighbors who were leaving give me their cat rather than take it with them. <br />
<br />
I've also had a cat just show up at my house and never leave. Can't fight destiny, like a nice cat showing up when you don't already have one. :) My current feline friend is from the animal shelter.

The way people abandon their pets is absurd. <br />
<br />
But YaY for your new pet! :-) Where'd you get that name and what does it mean?