My Fluffy


I have 2 cats Jr and Fluffy, Jr is the mother of Fluffy, and that's who this story is about Fluffy.

Fluffy was the last one born and wouldn’t eat so we had to feed her out of the 3 kittens fluffy was the only one we kept  she is black and white and very fluffy and one day me and fluffy where playing with this cord and Fluffy was batting it around and biting it and she missed the cord and bit through my thumb where the nail and the skin meet and her teeth met in my thumb oh god did it hurt and bleed like hell

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Thank you for your comment Fluffy is 11 now and doesn’t get in her playful kitten moods as much as she used too but when she does I hide my fingers and feet lol

Man do I feel for you!! Cat bites hurt like hell! Of course, we still love the cat but do try to keep your fingers out of the way. I know I do! Heehee.