She Killed the Big Bad...Vacuum!

My cat, Kat, absolutely hates the vacuum. I have a very expensive Kirby, a credit builder really, and she goes nuts and runs to hide at the very sight of it. So I usually just leave it out with out fear. I should have know better. Last night she decided to get up the courage to attack the vacuum while I was at work. I would have to say that she won the fight. She chewed through the cord in 6 Places! The bag was unhooked and the vacuum had actually moved almost a foot from its resting spot! What suddenly caused her to snap and drove her to this extreme act of violence? I will likely never know for sure... but may the vacuum rest in pieces.

rhyll rhyll
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I have the bitter bite stuff and use it on everything else but I never in my wildest dreams though that she would attack the vacuum. I should have known better I guess.

OMG! Kat obviously won the battle. fyi, you can try putting Bitter Break spray on the cords in future (buy it at any "pet" supply store or online -- it's usually bitter apple flavor, which cats don't like) or rubbing hot pepper powder into the cords, or using a cat repellent spray on the cords. That's a habit you really don't want her to have! Thanks for keeping your beloved Kat safe.