My Best Friend, Heheh

My cat was born at my house, in 2003. She is gray with black stripes and has blue eyes, and she's really really cute. Her name is Missy.
Her mother was my other cat, who had kittens again just after 3 months Missy was born (along with her sis' and bro', but we gave them to close friends :P) and it was too much for her, she started being really sick and all her newborn kittens died in a few days because she wasn't able to take care of them and we weren't able to do that either ( school, work, housework and you have to feed them every few hours :( ), we took her to the vet but she didn't have chances to survice (her calcium level or something was extremely low and some other stuff). We let her out of the house one day and she didn't come back. People say that when it's time for a cat to pass away it rans away from home and dies somewhere else... We searched for her for days and never found her. One night, it was raining and I heard a cat meow somewhere in the back of the house. I could swear it was her. I yelled her name but she didn't meow back or anything, mum came there and she said it was probably another cat.
Well, I got over her pretty easily because I had crazy little Missy to care of. I took care of her like she was my child. I always played with her, fed her and just spent a lot of time with her. I can say she's one of my best friends, we have a special bond. I love her very much!
Now she's almost 4 years old and has given birth to four little cuddly cute kittens on Saturday night. :D (they're not her first kids though)
She's a little skinny now but I'm sure we can fix that with some healthy tasty food for cats ;)
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That's a very good story, even though it had sad parts. I had a cat that disappeared, when I was about 10 years old, and I dreamed about its coming back, although it never did. The first story I ever wrote (that I didn't have to for school) was about that cat. <br />
<br />
You've probably heard about this already, many times, and please forgive me if it's annoying repetition--but have you considered having your cats spayed (or neutered)? Then there wouldn't be all those litters of kittens to wear them out, and no extra kittens to try to find homes for. End of speech. :)