I Have Many Cats

I have 5 cats here and rescued 15 others that were all strays, now thats alot of kitties in the house at one time, I got all 14 kittens and a mommy kitty all fixed and in new furever homes. All these kittien were born in the woods and I was glad I had the chance to save them and get them wonderful homes,

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the first thing you can do is get some vanila extracrt, put some on a cotton ball or a rag or something, then dab alittle on each of the cats back close to the tail, having them all smell alike helps alot, the new one smells different so the others might be feeling threaten, so I make the smell the same that way, I also have some rescue remady drops I put in water, that calms all of them down, could be the smell of the carrier to, I always did the vanilla extract trick and the other would start to groom and take care of the kittens and just keep an eye on them, had them all eat together and play together, so the older ones accociate the kitten with good things , try this trick first and let me know how that goes

i am glad i found you guys i have many cats as people drop them by my road. i just found a 6 week old that somehow got on a busy road and now i need help with ideas of how is the best way to introduce her to the 3 resident brothers. i have had her less than a week and she doesn't hiss anymore but they do and they attack each other, she lives in a carrier and i try i have short encounters but it is slow and i don't have much energy to put up with snarling 20 lb cats over a tiny little one. is it true that males try to kill kittens? they are all fixed.

If sent a blessing, do all you can to help them. Simon, well I was cross country trucking, stopped in Missori to get coffee, and he was left in a box on my truck steps, he was about 10 weeks, he was dirty and hungry, So I went back inside to cancel my food order and told him I need cat food instead, so what they did was give me my dinner and food for SImon and some litter and another driver gave me a shoe box, I always carry a pet carrier with me so that was his bed and off we went back to Michigan, you can see all my kitties at http://www.catster.com/family/509203

Me too, Im so happy you found and saved those kitties

You're my kind of person! THANK YOU and may you be blessed for being caring, compassionate, and a cat lover!