Mittens --the duchess of Dirt

Mittens is my spoiled rotten,loved to death by my 15 year old son and I. Although she is getting on,11 years old in June, she is just as spry as she was as a kitten,when we got her.I remember holding her in my hand (she was that tiny!)  when she was a kitten. Time flies,and now she's this big,sometimes sucky hairball who can drive me crazy with love,worry,and sometimes irritation..She's my furry little baby!

Since I have moved to a place where she can go outside, it seems like she can't get enough of it..LOL The funniest thing she does is flop down on the pavement,or the ground,and roll around in the dirt! It's hilarious! I give her a good brushing off after,and tell her she's a Dirty Girl,but then she goes on back out there to do it again   I've seen horses and dogs rolling around, but they don't compare! My baby is the Duchess of Dirt!

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41-45, F
Mar 20, 2009