I'm a Moggy With Attitude

I just turned 3 last week, my mum and dad brought me to their house after my mother was killed by a car.. I was 7 weeks old, since then I have lived with them and my brother, the dog, Cruiser... I enjoy burrowing under the doona during the day and if I can I roam next doors yard, looking for birds that nest in their tree.... the bell around my neck scares them and they fly away... dratts.

sharossody sharossody
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

they become quite good athletes eh!

Silly cat, not learning how to walk without making the bell sound lol.<br />
My cat Josie hasn't figured out to to keep hold of the birds once she catches them ... it's always funny to watch her chase after the bird when it's flying 10 meters up in the air