I Have a Family!

I do have a family of cats, actually my babies I call them as they are all my children...no, I'm not corney or psycho but if you love cats, you'll know where I'm coming from.

I have the mother cat named Princess which is tri-colored. I have the father cat who's name is Prince and he's a white Persian. I have their son, Snowflake who is pure white and part persian. I love everyone of them and now we have another added cat named Cookie who looks like an Oreo cookie. It's one big happy family and I hope to add photos of them here soon. By the way, Snowflake was the only one born from Prince and Princess and there was a problem where we brought the mother cat, Princess to the Vets to see if she had anymore kitties in her, which she didn't. We left her with Snowflake and noticed that Snowflake was starting to turn blue and picked him up and he was on the cool side. I rushed him to the Vets and they said he wouldn't make it through the night as the mother's milk dried up and he was near death from not nursing. The Vet said I could either leave him there with them or take him home. I took him home thinking I could save his life as the Vet had pretty much already pronounced him dead soon. I nursed him with a baby bottle for dolls every two hours for 3 weeks until he was active and able to drink out of bowl himself. I saved him as well as prayed lots. He is now much like my baby as well and I love him as well as the whole family.
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cool thats what happend with our cat too, there were 7 babies and the mom stopped feeding them and my family and i nursed them back to health, well sorta only one actually made it :'( but the one who did make it is super spoiled and anytime anybody does anything even a little mean i practicaly scream at them :)

Cool. Very cool. Yes, I understand the baby thing, as Tasha is my baby, and you will get to know her in my "I Have A Cat" Story....."