Miss Moet

Yup, I have a ***** Cat, her name is Miss Moet , she is lovely........*like her owner*,  she is white with precious green/blue eyes. She's my little baby I paint her nails and buy her pretty collars.........SHE IS MISS MOET!!!
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4 Responses Aug 21, 2007

Oh yeah she does. She's an adventure. But you need to be careful my dear Dodo..........she hunts birds.....o_0

A persian with claws en rouge!!!! <br />
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hahahahaha<br />
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Fantastic! Does she have any tales to regale us with?

She's a persian . i think she likes be pretty..........*like her owner*.......... she dont mind me painting her nails "rouge" tres bon magnifique Mis moet :D

miss moet!!! hahahaha :D <br />
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*waves hello in a lazy, casual manner*<br />
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What sort of cat is she?<br />
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I can't believe you paint her claws!!! What does she think of that??