A Dumpster Kitty Rescue

 I have a kitty who was actually found in a dumpster with all her sibblings dead. she was the only survivor and hand raised on a mini bottle ....she was about 2-3 days old....eyes still closed. she's now.... desexed/flee free , wormed well fed (a little overweight) and a lady with attitude

At first i called her "Stormy" because she's grey on top with a white undercarriage.  She looked like storm clouds.  When I introduced her to my other cats.....she layed down the law...."I will sleep here, eat here, play here and dont anyone mess with me !"

As time went by and my other moggies got used to her and she began to gain weight.....I called her "butterball"  which she seemed to like and respond too.

Later I noticed she was always drinking water......more than the others....took her to the vet.....she has diabeties  (I guess I noticed the water thing because i drink a lot....I have diabetes)...we have to watch her food and notice if she's drinking excessively....

She's six years old now and starting to go blind.....but she is still a beautiful little girl who has beaten the odds !



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glad you found her when you did , cats are great company

thank you Sunshine. She is sitting with me in bed between me and the laptop, telling me she wants more hugs ! That's my girl.

Oh I think we find that our kitties *give us* way more

God bless you dear. You have made a difference in the world and no one can ever take that away from you. Good luck with everything

thank you cabcraft, Butterball is still ruling the roast with a little attitude, and we wouldn't have it any other way !

You have been blessed by being chosen to care for ths special little being. I love how cats choose their names. We often give them a name, but only a cat knows its real name. I hope you have many years of love together. X@

Than you Paul and RL for your comments. May you bothe be abundantly blessed for the love and concern you share for God's *furry* loved ones.<br />
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hugsssssssssssssssssss<br />

Last year I found a little gray tabby at the city landfill and took him home.He has since been fixed and has grown up to be a big boy.I don't see how someone could just dump an animal like that.

Thank you for sharing your lovely story. I had a diabetic cat for many years, and it seemed to help that I'm diabetic also. He always watched with great interest when I would give myself a shot before I gave him his.

thank you RE. :)

Wow...a deer and a wolf in your yard ! I want to live there.<br />
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Your Humane Society sound like they have the right idea, I take my hat off to them.<br />
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Your "ghost" cat sounds like she has made a new friend in your cat, we share our lives with cats from many walks of life.<br />
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enjoy !

I'd gladly take in the beautiful snow white feral cat--she looks exactly like my cat except for the color--she's a long slinky cat. When I first saw her, after calling my cat, I know this will sound silly, but I thought she was his ghost. She never comes near enough for me to offer her food. One cannot leave food outside, because it would draw, skunks, raccoons -even coyotes. There is plenty of wild food for cats here, quail, mice, ground squirrels--the feral cats all look healthy--people are discouraged from feeding them--they don't multiply as frequently. The humane Society, traps them, alters them, gives them shots--then sets them free--where they found them. The deer come right up on my patio and eat my tomatoes. My grandson and I saw a full grown timber wolf in my yard.

Your cat has an admirer....how cute, maybe wants to share your home too.<br />
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Our cats definitely train us,but love us unconditionally.<br />
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Dogs have masters, cats have servants.

I love these stories about cats. Although I've had many cats in my life, I never paid much attention to them. They were mostly outdoor cats and only came in the house when they felt like it -- the cat I have now, is the first one to become my companion. I've always been a dog person. He is definitely not a dog. LOL It would seem, that he is training me rather than the reverse. Recently, I have observed a snow white feral cat who follows him around. Oddly, when I call my cat--the feral cat comes--even when mine ignores me. She doesn't come clear up to the door. Just appears a short ways off. I know when I see her, that he's close by.

This one in the picture looks similiar to the adopted one on EP Pets

Butterball lives quite a charmed life...and still lays down the law...the others just ignore her and play with her when she's in a sharing mood

God bless people like you!!!!!!!!!!............from one animal lover to another!!!........she's been loved! YAY!

I think its great that you were able to rescue her and get her settled into your home. Im sorry that Butterball got diagnosed with diabetes. I hope she is doing okay.

thank you Dawgirl....she's a lovely kitty and otherwise healthy.....the blindness is due in part to her diabeties

What a sad story that turn out sweet. I am sorry to hear that she is going blind after her hard start on life. Bless her and you for finding her.