I am not a cat person. However, for several years at my father's house we owned cats. The first, Oreo who ran away after we moved cities and was never seen by my family again. He had been a stray we took in, a very loving cat. The next was actually my step mother's cat, Jazzy who I wasn't too fond of. Finally, there was Angel. We picked her up from an apartment when she was a kitten, she grew into a large out door/in door cat. I couldn't stay away from her, although I am allergic to cats I loved her. She was 5 years old when my father decided to move from Canada to Thailand. Unfortunately, Angel disappeared 3 days before my father moved away. 6 months later I moved with my mother and sister to the other side of Canada. Angel was presumed dead.
About a month ago I visited my old friends in Ontario on vacation. While there I stopped in at a family friend's house, Dano. Him and I talked for nearly two hours before he got all excited about having something to show me. I went into a spare bedroom and laying on a bed was Angel! Dano went on to tell me after her being missing for 8 months she was found and he was contacted as the care giver. Seeing my cat there after all this time was a shock, but completely up lifting.
DieuEnvoient DieuEnvoient
18-21, F
Sep 4, 2007